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Learn Arabic for free. Let your employer pay for your tuition with our Corporate Assistance Program (CAP)

Let your employer pay for your tuition fees so you can learn Arabic if you think that you cannot manage to finance your own learning.

Giving your employer a solid reason for investing on you and teaching you Arabic shouldn't be a challenge with help of these articles on our blog, along with the annual catalog that we already produce every two years to address most of your enquirers and those of your employer.

While we cannot promise with guaranteed results, we will be close contact with your HR, GM or any person-on charge who is ready to invest in your own social and career advancement as an employee.

Please note that this program is only available for the companies of the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. If you reside outside, you may still indicate your interest by filling the form, however, we may not take any serious action towards it in the meantime.

By filling in this form, you permit us to contact your HR, GM or any person-on charge in order to arrange for Arabic classes for the employees. 

What's next?

Please visit this page on the Knowledge base for more information.

our classes are provided to individuals privately, which means that you and your group (if any) could have your own private course at your own premises (usually your house or office if you work together). The assigned tutor will pay you regular visits on a prearranged schedule.
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