Arabic for business – Corporate Programmes

Spoken Arabic for Business

Based on our Spoken Arabic Program curriculum, we have formulated the all new corporate-oriented programs in three flavors: Arabic by department SPA/CR - D100, Arabic for traveling SPA/CR - T101, and Arabic for oil industry SPA/CR- O101.
For the purpose of communicating on a business level, mastering these programs’ materials will bridge the gap between the classic and spoken language registers. The contrasts in spoken Arabic in various environments will require a different set of skills, and these programs address those skills specifically.
Additionally, your employees will adapt a local mentality which will enhance their abilities in implementing the language in real life situations while maintaining the best practices simultaneously.

Arabic By Departments

Whether you think that your marketing, sales, nursing unit, call center, front desk or any other team within your organization are in need to communicate with Arab, this is the course that they will ever need to make their learning a speedy and enjoyable experience.
Their daily language will be injected with steady
doses of the most needed and frequently used
Arabic phrases that will be perfectly customized to fit with their roles no matter how complex what they do.

Arabic for Travelling

Travel language phrase books, apps and bilingual
travelling guides at best provide a list of phrases
and location names in your language and the
equivalents in Arabic but those are not exactly what you need to find your way to and from the airport in any Arabic city, ride and guide a taxi driver who does not speak but hybrid-Arabic©, or bargain in souks for lower prices for the souvenirs you pick for your beloved ones.
How do we know that? This is how our student whom we track his journey in this uniquely designed course was committed to helping you in those most critical situations in a way that no other program ever provided before. Travel between Arabic cities in the best way possible... Be a local.

Arabic for Oil Industry

This course takes the most beginner student within your people and gets them to fit as quickly as possible with your organisation culture in the best way you can possibly provide to them. It has never been easier for your legal, financial, accounting, marketing or scientist team to communicate in Arabic or with Arab. Get your employees to learn most relevant lingua to the current stage of their careers ladders and enjoy the benefit of reaching another milestone being added to their professional competencies suite (or suit) while doing business in the region.