Eastern Learner Foundational Programs

Spoken Arabic
SPA - I201
From 25 SAR

With this program, you can acquire knowledge of a variety of local dialects so obtain proper pronunciation and the means to formulate thoughts into any social environment. With this ability, you will attract more Arab friends, as well as clients, not to mention impressing and pleasing the ones that you already know. This program is about you excelling in everyday language.

Arabic for Religious Purposes
RA - E103
From 35 SAR

Understanding religious context needs special training and studying for full grasping of theology and the practice of it later on. As you learn Arabic in a religious context, you will learn the various techniques and the how-to to distinguish the multi registers of the same Arabic in religious prospective.

Prices are in Saudi Riyal.

Calculated fees do not include educational materials, location fees nor shipping. 

our classes are provided to individuals privately, which means that you and your group (if any) could have your own private course at your own premises (usually your house or office if you work together). The assigned tutor will pay you regular visits on a prearranged schedule.
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