Eastern Learner Foundational Programs

General Arabic


EL-G is designed for those who want it all. That means everything…  From listening and speaking to reading and writing passing through phonetics  and grammar, this program offers to the two registers: formal Arabic and your chosen dialect equally.

Spoken Arabic


With this program, you can acquire knowledge of a variety of local dialects so obtain proper pronunciation and the means to formulate thoughts into any social environment. With this ability, you will attract more Arab friends, as well as clients, not to mention impressing and pleasing the ones that you already know. This program is about you excelling in everyday language.

Arabic for Business by Department


Whether you work at the marketing, sales, nursing unit, call center, front desk or in any other team within your organization where you need to communicate with Arab, FE-BD is the course that you will ever need to make your learning experience a speedy and enjoyable one. Your daily language will be injected with steady doses of the most needed and frequently used Arabic phrases which will be perfectly customized over time to fit with your current and future role.

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