Join a group of Eastern Learners

Please only fill in this form if you are an Eastern Learner, i.e you are a Turkish learner, Cyprus, Iranian, Afghani, Pakistani, Indian, Bangladeshi and Nepalese.

Every now and then, a number of students reaches us to learn Arabic but each solely find the individual learning plans not as suitable, and without having a group of their own they cannot start their learning journey with us.

While we highly encourage having a prior knowledge between all group members, we have found that once the minimum of 5 students has already reach us, it is a time-efficient alternative to share their contact details and formulate a private group of their own so, together, they continue perusing their learning-Arabic goals without a further delay.

There are countless advantages for learning within a class that shares a number of qualities with you, the clearest advantage, of course, is the significant dropping in the hourly rate, which can continue decreasing if you could bring other students to reach 9 members.

By filling in this form, you permit us to share your contact details with the potential group members, so you contact each other and agree on your learning plan details.

What's next?

Please visit this page on the Knowledge base for more information.

our classes are provided to individuals privately, which means that you and your group (if any) could have your own private course at your own premises (usually your house or office if you work together). The assigned tutor will pay you regular visits on a prearranged schedule.
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